'Calvercar Town' - MR249

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Day of the Diesels

The need for a dedicated layout shed became apparent when the father-and-son team of Peter Besant Sr and Jr decided, after chatting with long-time friend Dave Lowery, to convert their 30ft end-to-end layout into a looped layout to allow for the continuous running of trains.

Peter Jr explains: “After being introduced to Dave by a mutual friend 12 years ago I visited him a few times. I’d always wanted somewhere that I could just switch off and play trains, and found that the more I visited Dave the more envious I became of his purpose-built railway building. 

“We wanted to run a decent length ‘O’ gauge train and have more than a single line in operation at any one time, so a looped layout was a necessity. By the time the 180o turn was made at each end and connected behind the scenic section, the layout’s size had grown to slightly over 36ft by 13ft, so we had to have a purpose-built railway building. 

Find out more in Model Rail issue 249 - Out Thursday June 7th!

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