'Invercalley' - MR252

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Down to a Fyne art

Inspiration for 'Invercalley' came to David Harrison on a visit to Inveraray, the beautiful little town on the shore of Loch Fyne. The handsome white buildings stand some way away from the water’s edge – it almost looks as though there is enough room there for a small branch line terminus... just like one in Ian Futers’ Scottish Layout Projects book. 

“I adapted the layout slightly to include a run-round loop and sidings, and changed the name so that, even though it was based on Inveraray, I wouldn’t be tied down to the specific location. The plan was to make a layout that wouldn’t need three people to load into a van. The scenic section is 15ft by 2ft, with the fiddleyard branching off at 90º on the right-hand side to make an L-shape. This is about 4ft long, making the whole layout 6ft long on that side.”

You can read the full article in Model Rail 252 - Out on Thursday August 30th!

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