'Shap Wells' - MR251

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End-of-steam eulogy

The climb over Shap was the ideal canvas for railway photographers who wanted to capture the raw power of steam. It was particularly enticing for Britain's new generation of railway photographers.

These bold and fun loving men, many of whom were members of what became known as the Master Neverers Association, eschewed the traditional front three-quarter railway photography of Eric Treacy or W.J.V Anderson. The 'traditional' railway photographer still made regular pilgrimages to Shap. Derek Cross insisted that his friend Ivo Peters make the four-hour plus journey from Ivo's home in Bath. Both Derek and Ivo's work has appeared in numerous volumes and it's this legacy that helped inspire Graham Nicholas to model the climb to Shap summit.

"You could argue that this layout started 40 years ago," says Graham. "It's my number one favourite route because of my father. He came here in 1964 and took some 8mm cine film. He enthused me with all things LMS, particularly the big Stanier stuff. Shap was their ultimate playground."

Read the full article in Model Rail 251 - Out Thursday 2nd August!

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