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Midlands Memories

What do you do when your loft layout has so many online fans desperate for you to take it to shows? You follow in Michael and Rob Doyle’s footsteps and build something you can exhibit!

The brothers’ layout ‘Grimsby Town’ had garnered over 300 likes on Facebook but had been built into a loft and was unable to attend exhibitions. The only option to appease their online fans was to build something new. So ‘Carlton-le-Willows’ was born.  

Keeping the main lines prototypically close together has caused a few issues when it comes to train set corners. 

“The [end] curves were easily the most difficult part of the layout because they had to be so close together in order to make the 90º corner,” says Michael. “The problem we have now is that we can’t have two trains passing each other on the curves because the tracks aren’t far enough apart to avoid fouling. This has meant that we had to shorten the length of trains from what we would perhaps like.”

Read the full article in Model Rail 253 - Out Thursday September 27th!

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