Laurie Calvert's layouts - MR253

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Unearthly pleasures

Steam locomotives running on one of Saturn’s moons? A Victorian diorama that feature Martian tripods? Laurie Calvert’s creations are certainly out of this world.

A fierce battle is taking place as a race of aliens with exoskeletons tries to infiltrate a missile silo, built by human steampunks, deep within Saturn’s sixth largest moon Enceladus, to prevent the launch of the rocket within the bunker. If you want pannier tanks gently shuffling around a West Country branch line, you’re on the wrong planet…

It isn’t just sci-fi that gets Laurie rocketing to the nearest model shop for supplies. He also enjoys the dark atmosphere of the night and the idea for ‘Terror Street’ came to the forefront of his mind while watching an episode of the TV show Ripper Street

“The first episode of series 3 featured a train crash. I thought this basic theme would be interesting to model but rather than a crash with injured people, I wanted to show the emergency service workers doing their jobs. I also felt the model would have atmosphere, a dark and dingy feel, populated by scary people from fact and fiction. So the layout features a tiny Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, Sherlock Holmes, and even, on occasion, tripods from War of the Worlds. 

You can read the full article in Model Rail issue 253- Out Thursday September 27th!