'Aberayon and Chilton' - MR257

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Doctor’s orders

“It’s a great shame that my old friend and colleague Dr Paul Glover won’t see his 7mm scale loft layout Aberayon featured here, as he passed away in October last year,” explains Kevin Wilson. “It was one of his wishes that a good photographic record should be made, and this was arranged a little while ago. Luckily for us he had set aside some time in advance to write some words and captions in preparation for such an occurrence.”

Paul’s layout sits on 9mm plywood strengthened substantially underneath in order to support the heavy ‘O’ gauge locomotives. His friendship with Kevin started when Paul bought Aberayon from Kevin at an exhibition and connected it to his own layout via a viaduct. The track is handbuilt on plywood sleepers with a traverser fiddleyard at one end.

You can read the full article in Model Rail 257 - Out Thursday January 17th!

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