'Ledleigh Depot' - MR258

Ledleigh 2.png

‘In a transport of delight’

‘Ledleigh Depot’ features familiar subject matter to ‘Chadwick Junction’. There is a depot for Paul’s impressive collection of diesel locomotives and the bus garage for his larger and more impressive collection of miniature buses. 

What makes ‘Ledleigh Depot’ stand out is that it lacks the hallmarks of a typical diesel depot layout. It’s big, filling almost three walls of a 10ft by 9ft room. It includes some scenic areas, such as the bus garage and a small housing estate, which enables the depot to be set ‘in the landscape’. It also uses some very clever techniques to make it look bigger than it actually is. 

The layout only took a year to build, largely because the dominant features were already completed. The bus garage, for example, took a year to build for the first layout, but incorporating it into ‘Ledleigh Depot’ saved a lot of time. 

“Everything on the layout has been scratchbuilt from photographs, so having parts already done was advantageous. Even the lone house is an accurate model of my own home, apart from the car – I’ve significantly upgraded that!”

You can read the full article in Model Rail 258 - Out Thursday February 14th!

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