'Meanach' - MR258

Meanach 1.png

Fantasy Highland

The most striking element is the eye-catching range of mountains that forms the backdrop. With bare rocks and brown grass growing at awkward angles, it just feels like a Scottish mountain, barren yet beautiful. 

“I carved some polystyrene blocks into the rough shape that I wanted,” Ian says, “and then covered them in car bodywork mesh, moulding it to a more precise shape. Using a Games Workshop earth colour and static grass to cover the mountains in the nice brown colour, I attached Woodland Scenics moulded rocks to create the effect of bare rocks showing through the topsoil.

“These moulded rocks are the same ones used on the river bed to create water breaks. The river bed is Polyfilla that I moulded while it was still wet to make the ripples. I used Humbrol enamel paint of varying shades to create depth and then poured water fluid over the top in a few coats. 

“With the river complete, I wasn’t happy with the bank. It was just a sheer edge and I wanted more of a gradual slope, so I used some gravel from my garden to make it.”

You can read the full article in Model Rail 258 - Out Thursday February 14th!

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