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A ribble rubble masterpeice

There’s only one place to start with ‘Chirk’ – those magnificent feats of engineering that are the viaduct and aqueduct. Standing 100ft and 70ft respectively above the river in the valley, and over 700ft long, the aqueduct is Grade II listed and was built between 1796 and 1801. The viaduct came later in 1846 for the Chester-Shrewsbury line and locals believe it was intentionally built higher and longer than the aqueduct to emphasise the railway’s superiority over the waterways. Allen visited the town on six or seven occasions to take photographs, ensuring that he had as much information as possible to work with when he returned to the computer screen.

“Both structures were designed on a piece of computer software called SolidWorks, right down to the individual stones. The majority of the arches are identical, with only a couple of pieces of decoration on the viaduct that make two of the arches unique. With the design done I could use the 3D printer at work to print them using polyurethane. It does take a long time as there are a lot of layers, so I started the printing process before I left one evening and came back in the morning to a completed arch. I had to repeat the process about 20 times!”

You can read the full article in Model Rail 259 - Out Thursday March 14th!

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