'Pen Y Bryn' - MR260

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Untapped seams

It’s been almost five years since we visited Phil Coggan and his mid-20th century South Wales colliery layout ‘Pen Y Bryn’ (MR196, June 2014). This atmospheric town is fictitious, but it has all the characteristics of a modest cornerstone of the mining industry.

‘Pen Y Bryn’ is 18ft long and 10ft wide, built against the side walls of a converted garage loft. Following our last visit it was Phil’s intention to increase the scenic section to the right-hand side, against the window, but he encountered a problem. 

“When the layout was first built the two sides were only intended to be links between the fiddleyard and the scenic area, so they were only a foot wide. This was fine for hosting two tracks and nothing else, but there was no room for any scenery. The first job was to widen it to two feet, which gave me room to add something interesting.”

You can read the full article in Model Rail 260 - Out Thursday April 11!

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