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Post-Beeching fantasy

When Dr Beeching announced the cuts that would be made to the British railway network in 1963, the general consensus was one of anger and outrage from the many thousands of people whose local railways were about to be closed. 

But what the Beeching cuts did do is present a host of opportunities to railway modellers, who suddenly had a multitude of ‘what if’ and fictitious scenarios at their disposal.

One of these fictitious scenarios is ‘Weydon Priors’, an ex-GWR line brought to life by Paul Kirkup on his 6ft 6in by 2ft layout, which rests upon an ironing board. 

“I’ve created an elaborate backstory for it,” says Paul, “in which the GWR built the line through a region where they didn’t particularly want to build, but by doing so they kept the LSWR from encroaching on ‘their turf’. When it became clear that the line was far from viable it was cut back, making ‘Weydon Priors’ a terminus, and it was then transferred to the Southern region at nationalisation, which made much more sense geographically.”

You can read the full article in Model Rail 260 - Out Thursday April 11!

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