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Quayside Attraction

If you look at a plan of any great port around Britain, Europe or the world for that matter, away from the hustle and bustle of the main terminal with its ocean liners and cargo ships, there is still a lot going on.

Take Southampton, for example. The huge ships take centre stage and the smaller ferries to the Isle of Wight and the industrial dock are the bridesmaids, rather than the bride – still important but not the centre of attention. Small wharfs and quays are the homes of the humble coasters and ships of the home trade. This is the scenario in which Ian Corps and Bob Stevens’ ‘OO’ gauge layout ‘Bosun’s Wharf’ has been set. Despite living in Southampton, the modelling duo have eschewed the obvious and created an ‘everywhere and nowhere’ wharf  instead.

“We are members of the Southampton Model Railway Society and we live on the south coast of England, so we decided that our layout should depict that part of the country. However, it has no features that tie it to that location – it could represent any wharf just as well,” explains Ian. “Both Bob and I had existing layouts and we were looking for a new challenge. Bob is a retired mariner with a keen interest in shipping and I was keen to build an industrial layout, so when we saw a track plan for a dockside layout we were hooked.”

Sourcing the baseboards was easy, as the society had a number of surplus ones that the pair were able to use. This also made deciding on the layout’s size easy, as the boards totalled 16ft by 2ft. 

You can read the full article in Model Rail 262 - Out Thursday June 13th!

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