'Sutton St. Annes' - MR264

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Coast line adventures

Do you remember your childhood excursions to the seaside? Trundling along the coast with the occasional glimpse of the sea out of your window. Stepping onto the platform, the salty sea air fills your lungs alongside the alluring smell of fish and chips. Opportunistic seagulls are ‘kah-ing’ overhead just waiting for an unsuspecting tourist to take their eye off their lunch.

Get to your chosen destination (such as Blackpool, Scarborough, Skegness or Minehead), and you’d be faced with a long walk down the platform, which could easily be several hundred metres long. These were typical of seaside towns which needed to accommodate a lot of people arriving for their holiday.

You wouldn’t expect all of these sights and sounds to greet you a few miles off a motorway in the Midlands, but step into Anthony Sutton’s garage and this is immediately what springs to mind when viewing his ‘N’ gauge layout ‘Sutton St. Annes’.

Unusual in its design, the layout is based almost entirely around the platform. It’s a fictional location, but rather than the more common south coast seaside resorts, Anthony has gone for something more out of the ordinary. 

You can read the full article in Model Rail 264 - Out Thursday August 8th!

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