'Charles Insley's 'OO9' collection - MR266

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The whole ‘OO9’ yards

Walking in to Charles Insley’s house it’s immediately clear that model railways rule. Through the front door there’s one on the kitchen table and one stored in a box next to it, a side view of a building giving its contents away. In the lounge, ‘Winter Overcotes’, the first layout Chris Nevard is taking photographs of, sits atop two trestles in the centre of the room while another layout is perched on top of a bookshelf. It’s almost as though his house is a reverse TARDIS. We only have the space to show three of them here, but Charles also has a French outline layout, a Swedish one and one for the British colonies.

“One of the things I like about doing smaller layouts (one of his layouts Kinwardine Wharf is 5ft by 2ft), is that you can put so much more detail into them in the same time frame than you would for a large layout. There are a lot of crates at the wharf being moved around and plenty of people moving around the scene, going about their day. Or, as quite a few are, sitting having a pint!”

You can read the full article in Model Rail issue 266 - Out Thursday October 3rd!

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