Vote for the Model Shop of the Year!

We are on the hunt for the nation’s favourite high street model shop and need your help. As our readers we want you to vote for your favourite as we look to celebrate the high street shop and we’ve chosen five categories to help you choose: best range, best shopping experience, best team, best aftermarket support and best atmosphere.

Best range: Does the shop have a wide variety of products on offer? This is not just models but glues and materials as well as accessories.

Best shopping experience: Did you feel as though you were a valued customer on your last visit? Were the staff helpful in finding you what you were looking for?

Best team: How knowledgable are the staff working there? Were they able to answer the questions you had?

Best aftermarket support: If your products had any problems were they able to help if you returned it?

Best atmosphere: Is the shop a nice place to be and somewhere you would want to spend a while browsing before making a purchase?

You can select a different shop or each of the five categories or the same one in all five if you wish, but you only get one vote so choose carefully. We’d also like to thank The UK Model Shop Directory for kindly supplying us with the list of shops.