Welcome to Skills Station: the ultimate modelling skills guide

Since Model Rail issue 258, the Model Rail team have been drilling down into the skills and techniques that will help any modeller, new or old, hone their craft. If you’re new to Skills Station, this is what we’ve covered so far.


Part 1 - Choosing an airbrush - An exploration into the different types of airbrush and its anatomy, helping you to choose the best airbrush for your projects.

Featured in issue 258 (March 2019) - BUY NOW

Part 2 - Air supplies and equipment - George Dent explains why an airbrush can only perform correctly when fed from a reliable air supply and looks at some of the options available on the marketplace.

Featured in Issue 259 (April 2019) - BUY NOW

Part 3 - Paints - WATCH VIDEO - Not only do you need a reliable air supply, but having the correct paints at the correct viscosity is key for a great looking paint job. We examine the difference between enamels and acrylics and show you how to prepare them.

Featured in Issue 260 (May 2019) - BUY NOW

Part 4 - Practical exercises, cleaning and maintenance - WATCH VIDEO - Demonstrations on how to practice and get comfortable with an airbrush before transferring your skills to your expensive model. There’s also a guide on how to clean your airbrush after use so that it works for you every time.

Featured in Issue 261 (June 2019)- BUY NOW

Part 5 - Creating the perfect finish - WATCH VIDEO - George reveals the secrets to achieving a flawless paint job on your model, explaining the importance of thorough masking and how to get an even finish.

Featured in Issue 262 (July 2019) - BUY NOW

Part 6 - Weathering - WATCH VIDEO - After painting your model, you may want to weather it. George Dent demonstrates how to give your models the ‘used in all weathers’ look that adds to the realism of your layout.

Featured in Issue 263 (August 2019)- BUY NOW 

Module 2: SCENERY

Part 1 - Foundations - The best way to have a superb looking layout is to have the right foundations and a solid base on which to build upon. In this issue George Dent shows you how to form your landscape and lay the track.

Featured in Issue 264 (Summer 2019) - BUY NOW

Part 2 - Ballasting, bridges and tunnels - Ballasting is a job that most modellers hate but it’s essential for a great looking layout. Care is required when doing it, particularly around points, and this part of Skills Station shows you how.

Featured in Issue 265 (September 2019) - BUY NOW

Part 3 - Adding the scenery - The addition of scenery transforms your layout into a true miniature world. In the final part of this module we show you how to use static grass and off-the-shelf scenic products to create your dream landscape.

Featured in Issue 266 (October 2019)- BUY NOW