Dapol Black Label 'A4' ('OO')

Dapol Black Label 'A4' 4-6-2 JACQUES PORTAL

Dapol Black Label 'A4' 4-6-2 JACQUES PORTAL

Dapol’s new brand offers high-end models without sky-high prices. RICHARD FOSTER tests the first Black Label model to see if it cuts the mustard.

The post-David Boyle-era Dapol has always been an innovator. It reinvented itself with its ‘N’ gauge range early in the new millennium, and has since pushed into the world of inexpensive ‘O’ gauge, giving us ready-to-run signals, screw-together catenary, magnetic couplers and close-fitting ‘N’ gauge coach gangways, not to mention some exquisite ‘OO’ and ‘N’ gauge diesel and electric models (‘Western’, Class 22 and, most recently, the Class 68 - see page 14).

Black Label is, therefore, so typically Dapol...

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