Roco 'S160' ('HO')

USATC ‘S160’ 2‑8‑0 No. 2255. JACQUES PORTAL

USATC ‘S160’ 2‑8‑0 No. 2255. JACQUES PORTAL

This is one of those occasions when one realises just how badly British modellers miss out because of the entrenched mismatch between scale and gauge that is ‘OO’.

It was inevitable, when Model Rail launched the ‘USA’ 0‑6‑0T project, that interest in the other US military locomotive built for use in the UK and Europe would be aroused. Top of the list was the ‘S160’ 2‑8‑0, 2,120 of which were built and used across the globe.

So what do you get for your money? The ‘S160’ is an exquisite model, but by far its most striking feature is its size, or rather the lack of it. Placed alongside a 4mm:1ft scale model it is immediately apparent that the 0.5mm:foot discrepancy cannot be overlooked.

The ‘S160’ looks small, even alongside other ‘HO’ models, and so it should, being built to suit the UK loading gauge. It looks positively tiny alongside a ‘OO’ model, such as the ‘USA’ 0‑6‑0T...

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