DJModels '71' ('OO')

 DJModels' Class 71 JACQUES PORTAL


It came out after Hornby’s version, but is DJModels’ Class 71 the last word on the subject? CHRIS LEIGH finds out.

My dislike of duplication in ready-to-run models is well known, and duplication is generally a financial disappointment to the manufacturers involved. In the case of the ‘OO’ gauge Class 71, both Hornby and DJModels announced their models simultaneously and neither drew back from the brink.

At the time of the announcement, the Hornby model must have been at an advanced stage, for it reached the market in September 2016 and was reviewed in MR226. The gestation period of the DJ Models Class 71 has been somewhat longer, and was subscribed by pre-orders under a crowdfunding arrangement...

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