Dapol 'Class 121' ('OO')

Dapol’s excellent Class 122 diesel railcar was fully reviewed in Model Rail August 2017. We have now had the opportunity to examine one of the very similar Class 121 models which are now reaching the UK.

The Western Region replaced its aging GWR streamlined diesel railcars with 36 single-unit cars, Nos W55000-19 built by Gloucester RC&W in 1958 (Class 122) and Nos. W55020-35 built by Pressed Steel in 1960 (Class 121). The sample received for review is DCC Supplies limited edition model of Chiltern Railways’ 55034 which was the last of its class to remain in frontline service (along with the modernised 55020) both being withdrawn in May 2017.

Find out more in MR245 - Out Thursday 15 February!