Hatton's Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST ('OO')

Hatton's has previously worked with a third party manufacturer, but the Barclay 0-4-0ST is its first attempt at working directly with a factory in China on a locomotive. We received three Barclays for review, covering all of the key variants that Hatton's is making. There's 14in No.2047/37, in pseudo-GWR green as 'No 705', 16in Barclay No. 1964/29 in Corn Products Company's dark blue with 'wasp stripes', and 16in NCB Ayrshire Area Group No. 10.

Hatton's has paid close attention to getting the key variations right. You get extended frames for the 16in locomotives, different footsteps, tank ladders, the option of a shield for the handbrake and different front spring positions.

Read the full review in Model Rail 246 - out Thursday February 15