Hatton's 'P' class 0-6-0T ('OO')


Harry Wainwright's little 0-6-0T for the South Eastern and Chatham Railway was something of a poor man's 'Terrier'. The little 'P' was designed for push pull work but was always ousted in performance by the 'Terrier'. Despite this, the 'P' is a bit of a favourite with enthusiasts, and there was always a dumpy, angular hole in the ranks of ready-to-run 'OO" gauge Southern Region models... until Hatton's decided to fill it.

Hatton's has produced the 'P' directly with a factory in China and, as we saw with the Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST we reviewed last month, the results are excellent.

Read the full review in Model Rail 247 - out Thursday April 12