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Model Rail's USA Tank NCB black ‘S100’-0-6-0T, produced exclusively by Bachmann, is a beautiful representation of the real thing and a worthy addition to your collection


Only £110

Based on Heljan’s all-new Class 33/0 tooling, this model features BR green D6510 in mid-1960s condition with small yellow warning panels and white trim. Improvements over the old ‘33’ include fine etched metal radiator grilles and footsteps, finer handrails and a much better overall body shape.


Only £110

Only £110

Only one Class 47 ever carried BR Provincial livery and it’s this one: Class 47/4 47475. This was a regular performer on Liverpool-Newcastle and associated routes from 1989 and though it lost its unique colour scheme in 1992, its place in history was assured.


Featuring all-wheel drive, directional lights, sprung buffers and a wealth of fine detail. Close attention has been paid to the plethora of authentic small decoration on the body and cabside. Period of operation is mid to late 1980s. Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the launch of BR’s ‘Red Star’ express parcels service, our first exclusive Heljan model depicts Class 128 diesel parcels unit 55993 in the organisation’s attractive and popular two-tone blue and red livery.


Model Rail is pleased to announce the OO Gauge LNER J70 0-6-0T is available for pre-orders. Our range of J70 are DCC ready and features coreless motor, provision for sound, sprung buffers, are available with or without full sideplates as well as with two different styles of central lamp iron and nose end door catch styles.

Stock is expected Q3/4 2018.