Just Naturally Untidy

What a mess! Chris' shameful workbench is under there somewhere... CHRIS LEIGH

What a mess! Chris' shameful workbench is under there somewhere... CHRIS LEIGH

I’m not a tidy person...

I would love to be tidy, but I’m not. I find it fascinating that other people’s modelling benches are scrupulously tidy. George Dent is one such person. George’s workbench will have one current project on it, neatly arranged on a cutting mat. His tools and equipment will be used, cleaned and put away after use. I’m incredibly jealous! Why can’t I be like that?

My workbench stands in a purpose-built room. It is covered, several inches deep, in modelling materials and tools, kits, paint and adhesives. I can’t use it, so I actually do my modelling on the dining room table. That rapidly becomes just as big a mess until I have to clear it so that people can sit there to eat.

It is an embarrassment! I have three of the typical ‘fishing tackle’-style toolboxes and yet, any time I start a project I have to first conduct a search for the necessary tools. It infuriates me. Sometimes I could swear that I’ve had a visit from The Borrowers, or that some willow-the-wisp unseen figure is simply moving the tools as I search for them.

I actually bought two new Swann-Morton craft knives because I’d lost both of mine. One of them was a real ‘treasure’, a long elegant handle that came from a laboratory where my wife worked, and is really good to work with. I don’t think they sell those as normal craft kinives. Of course, buying two new ones ensured that I found the originals, both of them in boxes with part-built kits.

So I’m going to see if it’s possible to reform at my age. I’m determined to get organised and enjoy actually doing some model-making in the time that I would normally spend searching for tools or trying to create enough space in which to work. (CJL)