'Cathedrals Express'

The train reporting numbers were made from a carefully sized photograph print, sourced from the internet. CHRIS LEIGH

Following the Kitmaster coaches I labelled up as the 'Cathedrals Express', the prestige Cotswold line service from Paddington to Worcester, Great Malvern and Hereford, I've now decided to dress up Hornby's 'Castle' to head the train.

The headboard, by Fox Transfers, is an absolute work of art. I chose the ‘Cathedrals’ because the Worcester line was always a favourite, and because I knew that, post-1956, the ‘Cathedrals’ had the most impressive of the Western Region’s elaborate new headboard designs.

It featured a unique font, a plate without a raised border, and a colourful Bishops’ mitre in the centre. The headboard by Fox is an etched plate which is hand-decorated. The lettering is the correct font and colour, the board itself is bright blue and the Bishops’ mitre in red and yellow.

Despite having had two wonderful new locomotives to review, I have to say that this little gem would be my pick of the month!