My first blog post - ever!

Modelling rockstar, Chris Leigh, busts some guitar moves CHRIS NEVARD

Modelling rockstar, Chris Leigh, busts some guitar moves CHRIS NEVARD

I don't 'do' new technology.

I vowed, when I heard someone using their phone while sitting on the loo, that I would be the last person in England not to own a mobile phone. In fact, I have owned several, kept in the car for emergency use. That was until my window was broken and the phone was stolen... Since then, I've done without. I'm not 'against' new technology. I've been using it in my work in magazine publishing since the late 1970s - I just find the handheld devices difficult to get on with.

However, at a 'youthful' (I hope) 70 years old. I've a new string to my technological bow. Welcome to my blog, on which you'll be able to read more of the kind of material that I write for 'Backscene' in Model Rail. It will be a case of 'anything goes' so there will be some thoughts about the hobby in general, and my personal interests, too - some of which are pretty wide-ranging!

I'm keen to widen the conversation among modellers so here's a thought for now. Just what should we expect from a ready-to-run model? I grew up in a time when we counted ourselves lucky to have a model that was a reasonable representation of a favourite class. Now, I read that a locomotive is 'wrong' because it doesn't have the correct style of cab beading for that particular member of the class. So, if we're forking out close to £100 for a 'OO' locomotive, is it fair to expect 100% accuracy in the tiniest of details. I leave the thought with you. (CJL)