The Model Rail crossword

A new feature in Model Rail is the Model Rail crossword! A lot of the answers are hidden within the pages of Model Rail and those that aren’t are railway related, either full size or in model form!

In case you want a spare grid to write on first we’ve provided the grid and the clues here as well as in the magazine, so that you can print this webpage and send it to us. Depending on your printer you may find it easier to print-screen the grid and copy it into a word document to ensure it prints onto a single page or change the scale of your print, but this will give you smaller boxes to write in.

Send your completed crossword and contact details to Model Rail 266 Crossword Competition, Model Rail magazine, Media House, Lynchwood, Peterborough Business Park, Peterborough PE2 6EA. The first correctly filled out crossword grid out of the hat will win a prize from the Model Rail store cupboard. Good luck! Closing date is October 30 2019.

26 crossword.png



1 The ‘Big Boy’ has 24 of these without its tender. (6)

6 The ‘K10s’ vacuum pipes are made from moulded _______. (7)

8 Chris Gadsby recycled the baseboard from his London Underground _______ for his third rail track project. (7)

9 All Model Rail articles start with one of these. (5)

11 Attraction celebrating its 90th anniversary. (9)

14 Zoo where Chris Leigh saw tram No. 1858. (11)

16 How many times does Peter award five stars for ease of use to water fluids? (5)

17 Steam locomotive crew member responsible for shovelling coal. (7)

19 Hornby has one of these centres at Margate. (7)

20 A small scene many modellers try to incorporate into their layouts for added interest. (5)

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1 Peter Marriott tried to make it look as though his track was covered in these. (5)

2 You might hear a locomotive whistle do this in a tunnel. (4)

3 Some of Hornby’s models are re‑tooled versions by this now-defunct company. (4)

4 Cable ties are sometimes used to ______ models into their packaging. (6)

5 If a model does not have a motor and cannot move it’s a ______ model. (6)

6 Wagons are often referred to as 5 or 7-_____. (5)

7 BR used two of these, an early one and a late one. (6)

10 Model railway company Woodland _______. (7)

11 London Waterloo is the UK’s _______ station. In the US it’s New York Penn. (7)

12 The Hornby Peckett received a _____ of 93%. (5)

13 LMS class of locomotive, ‘Royal ____’. (4)

15 The ‘Big Boy’ belongs to the _____ Pacific Railroad Company. (5)

17 What your train ticket costs. (4)

18 Contestants on the Great Model Railway Challenge are in a ____ against time. (4)