Add a signalbox

Tip card signalbox pic1_preview.jpg

Do your research

Whether scratch building or working from a kit, lots of photographs will help you to accurately model your desired signal box. Painting prior to building is always easier than trying to get into tight spots once it’s been erected.

Don’t forget the interior

Visibility is key in signal boxes and as a result they have a lot of glass in them. Don’t neglect the interior. Add a signalman and an interior kit. Springside, Wills and Ratio all make kits that can go inside your signal box.

Modify it.

Even with a kit you can make it look unique with some paint and accessories. Add weeds around the bottom or give it a peeling paint job. Even signal boxes built to the same design aren’t identical.

Add point rodding

For a really authentic look, add some point rodding leading out from the signal box. C&L Finescale make ‘O’ gauge point rodding whilst Wills has introduced a ‘OO” gauge kit. These will take your signal box one step further.

Get the Gear

Kits can be easily adapted. Scalelink offers brass window frames in the style of the big four companies as well as bannisters and balconies. A few small alterations can make a big difference to the overall look of your signal box.