Add lineside features

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Decide on your era

Lineside signs are another feature which can subtly indicate a layouts era and whilst the differences are not large, costly mistakes can be avoided with careful research beforehand. Take a look at a local archive for photographs.

Watch your speed

Speed limit signs are all over the railway. Make sure you have realistic signs for your layout. Tight curves will not have triple figure speed limits and neither will entries to platforms. Similarly, flat straight lines won’t have 5mph limits without very good reason.

It’s not all signs

Look carefully next time you go out and you’ll see there’s not just signs lineside. Rubbish and disused sleepers are common place where the ballast meets the foliage and strategic placing of these add to the realism.

Telegraph poles

Once a common sight on the railway, telegraph poles can add an extra dimension to a layout. Particularly true in flatter sections, they show the train isn’t the only thing with height. Make sure you have a realistic spacing for your gauge.

Get the Gear

Attach railway signs from Sankey Scenics to a thin rod and glue into the baseboard. Make sure they are far enough to the side so to not get hit by passing stock. Available at for a few pounds per pack.