Apply a livery

Tip pic 3_preview.jpg

Paint in order

The first thing to do is consider the order in which to apply the colour elements. In general, aim to apply the lighter shades first. For example, paint and mask the yellow ends before applying BR blue.

Fine brushes

Once all of the main livery elements have been added and everything is dry, smaller details can be touched in, such as handrails, window frames and other fittings. Use a fine brush and apply small amounts of paint at a time.

Safe & sound

As the paint dries, the wet look will slowly subside to a matt or satin finish. Keep the model safely stored in a warm, dry environment, preferably protected from dust, and leave overnight to harden completely.

Make it match

The model may look a little odd, perhaps with different sheens here and there. The best way of unifying a finish is to apply an overall clear coat. Alclad2 varnishes can be airbrushed without thinning and offer great results.

Get the gear

Sable-haired paintbrushes offer unparalleled performance with most paints (quick-drying acrylics will take their toll). Lifecolor’s sable-haired brushes are recommended. Web: