Build a promenade

Build a promenade.jpg

Have a solid base

The promenade forms the basis of your beach scene. Use foamboard secured with Woodland Scenic’s foam glue to provide a solid base. Secure with T pins whilst the glue dries and add in a slope down to the beach.

Paint the surface

Use a light grey paint to create the surface of the promenade, paying close attention to the different shades to provide a textured finish. Add a few small sections of sand to simulate it coming off people’s feet as they leave the beach.

Add the stonework

Depending on the beach you are modelling this will vary. Wills’ stone sheets are a great choice for stonework, but you can always use DAS clay if you want to make more unique structures. Glue and fix in place, ensuring it’s dry before proceeding.

Add a handrail

Not as relevant in days gone by but in the current climate of health and safety, the slope will need a handrail. Thin dowel rods painted black will provide the perfect solution, but take care to cut the dowel at the correct angle.

Get the Gear

Wills’ SSMP200 Coarse Stone sheets provide the ideal backdrop to your promenade. Available from for £3.50 per pack, they can be easily painted to achieve the desired effect. The bottom will get covered so don’t worry about blending it in.