Clean your track

MR247 Spring Clean loco pic 014_preview.jpg

Regular cleaning is key

Things get dirty, and this will cause problems for your locomotives. Dirt on the rails will get picked up by the wheels and cause inconsistent running. Clean rails before every running session and after any work has been done.

Using a track cleaning block

Rub the block over the rail heads and the inside of the rail as this is where the current is transferred from rail to wheel. There will most likely be debris afterwards so use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles.

Using a track cleaning wagon

A track cleaning wagon is effective for cleaning those hard to reach areas, especially in tunnels. Run it slowly enough to allow the cleaning brushes to work properly and change them regularly for best results.

Cleaning points

Deluxe Materials Track Magic works well on points where an ordinary track rubber can’t reach. Use the microbrush to clean the current carrying contacts of the point that can’t be reached with a rubber or cloth.

Get the Gear

With track cleaning, prevention is best, but the track cleaning block is by far the cheapest solution and scored the highest in our test in MR210. Available from at your local model shop for a few pounds.