How to build a great landscape

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Raise the trackbed

The real railway wasn’t built on a flat landscape; it was built through the landscape. Use Woodland Scenics Sub Terrain foam to raise the trackbed above the baseboard to allow you to lower the surrounding landscape to model embankments and bridges over roads and rivers.

Make plaster cloth more effective

As the bandage dries, use a wet brush to spread the plaster and fill any gaps to give the gauze a more uniform finish. For a smoother surface, mix a little DIY plaster (Polyfilla) to a thin liquid and spread this over the bandage with a brush. Paint to ensure that the white does not show through.

Give your tunnel some depth

We don’t always have the space to model a full deep tunnel. But you can create the illusion of a deep tunnel in a small space by making a liner. Stone- or brick-embossed Plastikard can be painted, weathered and formed into liner before also being glued to the baseboard and your chosen portal.

Beautiful backscene

The effect of a backscene should never be underestimated. A good one should focus the eye on the layout rather than its surroundings, add visual depth, especially to layouts with narrow baseboards, and gives a feeling of looking at a real scene. Try ID Backscenes’ photographic backscenes.

Get the gear

Geoscenics plaster bandage is available in different sizes (sold by weight), and this 100g pack provides enough to cover about a square metre. Cut the bandage into manageable sections with an old pair of scissors and submerge before applying. £5.50. Availability: