How to create great greenery

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Mats matter:  Do not dismiss the idea of using grass mats. They’re not the bland, uniform things of yesteryear and some of today’s are very realistic. Even a uniform, bright, budget mat is perfect for the base later of scenery. You can improve it with subsequent layers of static grass and tufts.

Flowers are simple: To create a patch of poppies or daffodils, for example, sprinkle some tiny pieces of suitably coloured foam scatter through your fingers on top of the wet hairspray. Seal them with another light coating. If some flowers go where you don’t want them, pluck them off with a pair of tweezers.

Nature’s not uniform: You can’t take a swatch to your lawn to find a correct ‘grass’ colour. To replicate the myriad colours nature bestows on the landscape, mix different colours of static grass in your applicator. Make sure you also apply grass fibres of different heights. WW Scenics offers one of the bet ranges of heights and colours.

Tree restoration: Miniature trees can fade with ages but it’s very easy to restore their vibrancy. Give an old tree a good coat of extra-hold hairspray and then sprinkle on a selection of new scatters. They will stick to the hairspray and will make your tree look brand new.