Incorporate better buildings

MR244 Nevard pic 022_preview.jpg

Low relief buildings

Low relief buildings are favoured choices of modellers looking to add a depth of perception and hide baseboard joins on their layouts. Card kits are a popular choice, place them against the baseboard and watch your layout gain depth.

Shop fronts

Some have canvas sun-blinds and can be modelled with an A-frame support. Use 30thou square styrene strip to make the frame and lay the canvas over the top. For brown canvas’ an envelope works well with the shop name printed on.

Get the colours right

There were some instances of towns having set colour schemes. In Southwell, Nottinghamshire in the 1950’s all shops had to be painted the same colour. Check the history of your modelled town to get the right colours.

Accurate shop fronts

Shops change their logos through the years. Make sure your 1980’s layout doesn’t have the 1960’s logo on a shop front. Correct logos can be downloaded and scaled down on the computer before being glued over the top to correct any errors.

Get the Gear

This mini fluorescent tube from DCC Supplies is an easy way to illuminate your shop signs and add another dimension to your layout. The light is bright, so be careful with seepage. Available from for £7.18.