Install point motors

MR225 Solenoids 001_preview.jpg

Preparation is key

Exact positioning is vital. Anything slightly off will result in an ineffective point motor. Mark out the centre of the tie bar and drill holes to create a straight slot 6mm long. It must run perpendicular to the track to work.

Fine tune the positioning

Feed the motor actuating rod into the tie bar and hold it at its centre point. Mark the locating points for the motors base and fix in place. Practice throwing the point before trimming the actuating rod.

Fitting Solenoids

Cheaper to install but can damage the blades of the points with their sharp snapping action. Install with momentary action switches to avoid the overheating and failure of the component. Regular checks before running sessions will help avoid derailments.

Fitting slow-action motors

More realistic but more expensive. They move at a slower speed protecting point blades and are quieter. They require either single-pole double-throw or double-pole double-throw switches to operate and require forward planning as the points are not thrown quickly.