Liven it up with figures

221 Station detail 009_preview.jpg

Keep an eye on fashion

Whether it’s the full-length dress or the double denim, painting your figures to period attire will add extensive realism to your layout. A mix of business dress and pleasure will also create a more realistic setting.

Use them sparingly

Unless its market day or the run up to Christmas, towns are not overly populated. Dot a few figures here and there where they have meaning but don’t overload the pavements or it will become cluttered.

Buy plain figures and paint

Whilst a steady hand is required the ability to tailor each figure means that you will have exactly what you want on the layout. Take your time and fix each figure in a clamp to stop it moving and make your life easier.

No-one is doing anything

In the same way as cars don’t look right turning corners, people don’t look right opening car doors or half way in a shop. Keep them all in or all out, otherwise they’ll be bending the laws of physics whilst shopping.

Get the Gear

Dapol’s pack of railway workman can easily be painted and modified to suit a town scene. At £6 for a pack of 38 they are extremely good value and will comfortably fill a town and station scene on your layout.