Liven up your platform

Texture the platform

Add a drop of talcum powder to the grey paint and mix in before applying to the primed surface. This will create an uneven surface and result in various shades of grey, closer replicating the concrete.

Weather your brickwork

Apply varying shades onto the brickwork, retaining the lighter mortar colour. Build up an assortment of shades and pick out odd bricks for a darker shade,

Decorate your station

All railways and platforms have signs providing information and instruction. Find era appropriate signs online and scale them to the correct size before fixing in place or alternatively, trackside signs are readily available and are easy to position.

Finish with weeds

Where there’s stagnant water for long enough, there are weeds. Take some greenery and cut into small uneven clumps before gluing between the platform edge and the ballast to demonstrate the neglected section of the platform.

Get the Gear

Remember that outdoor scenes will suffer due to the rain. Lifecolor UA706 is great for providing a washed base prior to painting. Particularly suitable for older lime-based mortar brickwork, a 22ml bottle is available from Airbrushes ( for £2.95 excluding postage.