Make a realistic beach

Make a realistic beach.jpg

Create a slope

Beaches will slope down towards the sea. Begin with a layer of Polyfilla that’s deeper at the promenade than at the water’s edge, leave a few ridges in the Polyfilla as the sand will look more realistic if it isn’t flat.

Add some rockpools

Woodland Scenics’ casting plaster is ideal for making rocks from their rubber moulds. Once they have set cover them in Polyfilla and paint them once dry, leaving space in between for pools to form. White PVA glue makes an ideal pool.

Cover in real sand

For a truly authentic look, take a bucket down to the beach and collect some real sand to sprinkle over the beach onto mildly diluted PVA glue, any excess sand can be brushed away and re-applied on top to create undulation.

Holidaymakers finish it off

Collect a range of different figures and place them at points throughout the beach for that authentic summer feel. Arrange them in small groups to replicate families and have some making sandcastles which you can achieve from a clump of Polyfilla.

Get the Gear

Preiser and Nock both produce suitable figure packs for the beach scene. With a little painting to add distinction between various figures they combine to make a lively environment. Available from starting at £8.25 per pack.