Mask your models

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Press it down

The edge of a cocktail stick is ideal for pushing flexible vinyl tape into awkward spots or recesses without damaging the mask or model. The edge of your fingernail will also ensure that the tape is stuck firmly.

Don’t worry

If any paint has seeped beneath the masking, do not despair. Up to a day or two after painting, a cocktail stick soaked in white spirit will loosen the unwanted enamel or acrylic paint.

Keep it clean

Surfaces need to be cleaned and previous layers of paint thoroughly dry before masking is applied. Wipe with a little white spirit or alcohol-based cleaner, such as isopropyl alcohol, and allow it to evaporate before painting.

Peel correctly

Having painted over a mask, the paint will form a film that has to be broken when the tape is removed. Therefore, take great care and always peel the tape away from the painted edge.

Get the gear

Paint has a nasty habit of seeping between layers of masking tape, so sealing ‘joints’ with a masking fluid is always recommended. Humbrol’s Maskol is widely available from model shops and offers great results for just £3.99. Web: