Place better traffic

Be careful of realism

It’s easy to get carried away and place all the vehicles you have onto the streets. Take a few vehicles out and leave a larger space between them. You can lay too much track and equally you can place too many cars.

Avoid curves

No matter how much you try, a car going around a junction just won’t look quite right. Keep them on the straights and leave the turns free as much as possible. This will also help to avoid it looking cluttered.

Weather them

Unless a car has literally just left the car wash it will not be pristine, add dirt around the wheel arches and on the bumpers, particularly in areas where people handwashing their cars might miss. Vary the shade and level of the weathering.

Watch the era

If you’re modelling the 1960’s, don’t put a 1972 MG on the layout. It’s a subtle difference but one that will be noticed. Do your research and make sure your vehicles suit the era, this includes number plates.

Get the Gear

Practice your weathering before applying it to your vehicles. DoubleO provide a starter set of eight paints, two brushes, a palette and 3 OO wagon bodies to practice your weathering on first for £15.50. Available at