The little details

The little details.jpg

Ice cream van

Position it at a realistic point such as the top of the ramp and line 2 or 3 figures up in a queue. For an added bonus, have one figure lose their ice cream to a seagull.


Photograph shop fronts and scale them down to the correct size on the computer. Alternatively, create your own signs for that personal feel. Print them out and glue them to shop fronts and information boards.

Talking points

Provide talking points for viewers of your layout. A clever pun as a shop sign or something of particular interest to one side will mean that your entire layout is appreciated in the same way. A layout is not all about trains.


They are easy things to forget about but make a big impact if they’re there. Attach a printed flag to some stiff wire and fix to the baseboard. Leave the flag slightly loose so it moves in the breeze of the opening door.

Get the Gear

You can’t have a beach without beach huts and these four from Model Railway Scenery cost just £3.99 and are available at . They are card kits and come in four colours and can be easily altered to provide variety