Use an aerosol

Warm it up

For best results, aerosols should be used at room temperature, as colder conditions can cause condensation. Immerse the can in a bowl of warm (not hot) water for a few minutes, then shake it for at least five minutes before use.

Keep your distance

Hold the can about 25cm (10in) from the surface, starting to paint before passing over the model in a steady movement, releasing the button after passing the model. Apply light coats, with a moment’s rest in between.

Nozzle cleanliness

After each session, turn the can upside down and spray until no more paint is emitted. This should clear most nozzles, although removing it and soaking in thinners will make sure it’s clean and ready for use next time.

Handle cans correctly

Paint cans are highly flammable. Keep them clear of naked flames, and store cans away from direct sunlight. Never dismantle or burn empty cans – take them to your local recycling centre.

Get the gear

Never cut corners where health is concerned. All aerosol paints are hazardous and a facemask is essential. Choose one with an approved paint filter and change it regularly. Prices start at £3.20 from The Airbrush Company. Web: