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Build small and play big in August 2017's inglenook inspired edition of Model Rail. OUT NOW!

Reviews: DJM's Class 71 and Mermaid wagons, Dapol's Class 122 and IDAs, Hatton's 'Warwell' and IRM's ballast hoppers are under scrutiny this month.

Workbench: Chris Nevard creates ultra-realistic track. George Dent improves Dapol's '08' and converts a Hornby 0-4-0 to DCC. Chris Leigh fits Kadee couplers. Peter Marriott builds an inglenook layout. And Mike Harris devises a shunting game.

Features: Brian Rolley explains how an inglenook layout can maximise operation, while Paul Lunn presents a handful of inglenook inspired sidings.

Layouts: 'Shell Haven' - oil refinery in 'OO'. 'Molinnis' - Vast Cornish expanse packed into a tiny space ('N'). 'Operation Abyss' - Military dockside in 'OO'.

Regulars: Exhibition Diary and Backscene.

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