Model of the Year 2020 – The Contenders

A recap of the models featured in this year's competition

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Need a recap on the models were featured this year before making your decision on which to vote for as the Model of the Year? A complete list of this year's contenders are below and you can remind yourself of what we said by clicking on each model. When you're ready to cast your vote, you can do so here.

OO gauge diesel and electric locomotives Hattons Class 66 Hornby Railroad Class 43 power cars Heljan re-tooled Class 27 Bachmann Branchline Class 24/1 Dapol Class 21 Dapol GWR parcels railcar Heljan Class 33/0 Dapol Class 29 Murphy Models 121 Class

OO gauge steam locomotives Hornby LMS ‘Princess Royal’ 4-6-2 Hornby ‘B12/3’ 4-6-0 Hornby ‘Large Prairie’ Rails of Sheffield/Dapol ‘Terrier’ 0-6-0T HornbyRocket OO Works ‘330’ 0-6-0ST Bachmann Branchline ‘1P’ 0-4-4T

OO gauge multiple units Bachmann Branchline Class 158 Bachmann Branchline Class 121 Bachmann Branchline Class 117 DMU Bachmann Branchline ‘2-HAP’ EMU Bachmann Branchline Class 159

OO gauge rolling stock Bachmann Branchline 45t crane Rails of Sheffield Diagram 1424 ex-SECR box van Accurascale PFA container flat Hornby LSWR 20t brake vans Realtrack Castle Cement PCA cement wagons Bachmann Branchline ‘Parrot’ wagon Hornby LMS 20t brake van IRM beer keg wagon Hornby sliding door Mk3 IRM 42ft wagons Oxford Rail 12t tank wagon Cavalex BBA steel carrier Bachmann Branchline HKA hopper

N gauge locomotives Graham Farish Class 70 EFE Rail Class 17 Dapol prototype HST

N gauge rolling stock Revolution Trains HOA hoppers C-Rail Intermodal KQA container wagon Graham Farish Thompsons Graham Farish HKA bogie hoppers Revolution KUA nuclear flask wagon

OO9 gauge models Heljan L&B 2-6-2TLew Peco FR ‘Small Birminghams’

O gauge models Heljan Class 50 Hattons LNER ‘A3’ Dapol Sentinel ‘Y1/Y3’ 4wVBT Heljan Class 33 Heljan 'Hymek' Class 35 Heljan Class 03 Dapol 14XX Hattons/Heljan LNER ‘A4’ Dapol ‘Turbot’ ballast wagon

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